Summer Recipes

Easy Recipes for Hot Summer Days

To me, summer isn’t complete without easy and refreshing dishes. Whether it’s a simple hearty salad, easy pasta dish, or a cool drink to cool down with, there’s loads of options where you don’t have to melt away behind your kitchen stove.

Personally, I think my Asian Cucumber & Peanut Salad recipe is a great quick & refreshing side dish or easy lunch on a hot day. And if you want to cool down with a sweet & boozy drink, definitely give my Strawberry Frosé recipe a try.

Japanese Loaded Fries with wasabi-mayo, seaweed flakes & panko-fried shrimp

Japanese Inspired Loaded Fries

With a blog named like this, a recipe for fries was bound to come up soon or later, right? I didn’t want to kick off with just any ordinary fries

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Bruschetta with Date Cream, Brie & Prosciutto

This snack is great to prepare when you’re inviting friends over for a drink. The bruschetta pair very well with a glass of wine with their savory

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Spanish Omelette Recipe | Just Gimme Fries

Spanish Omelet: Tortilla de Patatas

Have you ever had Tortilla de Patatas before? If you like crispy & savory food, I definitely recommend you give it a try! This recipe only uses a

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Cookie Crumble Cheesecake

This creamy vanilla cheescake makes for a rich yet delicious dessert. However, because this recipe is not overly sweet I personally feel it goes

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Breakfast | French toast with strawberries & mascarpone

French toast with strawberries & mascarpone

Got a sweet tooth and in for a filling breakfast? This recipe for french toast with fresh strawberries, whipped mascarpone & maple syrup

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Dinner | California roll rice bowl

Simple California roll rice bowl

Sometimes you’re simply just not in the mood for a heavy meal. A lot of those times, we end up eating a rice bowl. One of our new go-to recipes is

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