About Me

My biggest wish is to travel the world and experience all the dishes & cultures it has to offer.

Hi, I’m Shannah & I’m a 33-year-old foodie situated in Hilversum, the Netherlands. I started this blog out of my love for food, photography & marketing as a passion project.

I’ve always loved eating & cooking. I can still remember frying eggs in the kitchen as a little girl, when I still needed a chair to even properly reach the stove. And although I’ve luckily grown a lot since then, I do still like to prepare homemade meals.

Nowadays new dishes & bold flavors are what really get me excited. I love to travel to be able to try new foods and combinations that I’ve never had before.

Food blogger

Favorite cuisine

I find it hard to choose, but I find that I’m pretty much always in the mood for Japanese food.

Still want to try

Poutine, clam chowder, tteokbokki, chimaek, soup dumplings, anpan.

Favorite food destinations

So far: Japan, Spain, the United States & Turkey.

My food travel wishlist

myeongdong, seoul, south korea

South Korea
canada, quebec, montreal

santorini, greece, buildings

opera house, sydney, australia-1031094.jpg

Easter & Passover Brunch Recipes

Comfort Food Blogger & Content Creator

I have a professional background as a photographer & online marketeer. As a food blogger, I try to use that knowledge and combine it with my creative vision.


Clients & Collabs

My Food Philosophy

I like to eat tasty food made with fresh ingredients, and I’m personally not a fan of  restricted diets. I believe that eating a varied diet – without cutting carbs or (natural) fats – makes for a healthy & happy body, and mind.
That’s why you won’t see calorie counts on any of my recipes. I believe that it is best to listen to your own body. Every body has its own wants and needs – especially in terms of allergies and sensitivities – and I think there’s no ‘one-fits-all’ solution. Do what feels best and what makes you feel happy!

Foodie with Allergies & IBS

Because of my allergies & Irritable Bowel Syndrom, you will rarely find certain ingredients in my recipes. I taste-test all of my recipes, so naturally I want to be able to eat it myself.
I am planning to create some recipes in the future which will specifically focus on things such as low histamine & IBS proof ingredients, in the hope that I can help other foodies out as well.