Asian Cucumber & Peanut Salad

Asian Cucumber & Peanut Salad

Since we have hot summer days coming up, I created a quick & fresh salad recipe for you guys. It has only a couple of ingredients, and is done in

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Home Made Chefs at Libelle Zomerweek

Cooking at Libelle Zomerweek

This year I had the honor to cook a full day, on stage, for Home Made Chefs at Dutch event: Libelle Zomerweek! Along with the help of Dutch tv-chef

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Loaded Cassava Crackers Vegan Drinking Snack

Vegan Loaded Cassava Crackers

Personally, I like crispy, savory, and slightly greasy snacks to accompany my drinks. Because I wanted to try and create something new, I basically

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Home Made Chefs | Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Jam & Bacon Ciabattina Recipe

Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Jam & Bacon Ciabattina

I originally created this recipe in Dutch for Home Made Chefs. But since most of you guys can't read Dutch, I wanted to post a translated version

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Home Made Chefs

Part of the Home Made Chefs team

I’m very happy to share with you guys that I am now one of the Home Made Chefs! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet, Home Made Chefs

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Soto Ayam: Idonesian Chicken Soup

Soto Ayam: Indonesian Chicken Soup

The last time I think I had soto ayam was at a family event, over 10 years ago. A lot of you guys probably don’t know this, but my mom is actually

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Christmas dinner appetizer, steak salad wreath

Steak Salad with Ponzu Sauce

With Christmas around the corner, I felt like it was time to share a couple of Holiday-worthy recipes. Since the Christmas dinner always seems

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