Cooking at Libelle Zomerweek

Home Made Chefs at Libelle Zomerweek

Cooking at Libelle Zomerweek

Home Made Chefs at Libelle Zomerweek

Home Made Chefs at Libelle Zomerweek 2022

This year I had the honor to cook a full day, on stage, for Home Made Chefs at Dutch event: Libelle Zomerweek!
Along with the help of Dutch tv-chef Danny from 24Kitchen, we inspired visitors of the event by showing them how to cook delicious, but easy meals. As always, the Home Made Chefs recipes don’t require too many ingredients, steps or skills. Anyone can make them!

What my day as a Home Made Chef looked like

It was actually my first time cooking on stage, and with a microphone, but I loved doing it! Instead of just cooking alone in my own kitchen, I actually got to interact with the audience.
During the day we cooked 8 different recipes on stage, and behind the scenes they were cooking along to make sure that everyone watching could also actually taste the dishes afterwards.

Want to try the Libelle Zomerweek recipes yourself?

Home Made Chefs created a beautiful magazine which you can now read online (in Dutch), right here on their blog. My personal favorites were the White Gazpacho with Green Tabasco, and Rukmini’s Za’tar Lamb Meatballs. Both were very easy to make, but packed with flavor!

Home Made Chefs recepten magazine

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