Winter Recipes

Warm & Cozy Winter Recipes

For me, comfort food is the perfect way to get me through the cold winter days. Warm, hearty dishes like soup, pasta, and stews are perfect to warm up and soothe your soul. 

Here you’ll find a collection of simple, but filling recipes to get you through the winter with ease. Some of my personal favorites are: the Creamy Sage & Cayenne Pasta, and my recipe for Indonesian Chicken Soup. They’re both great comfort food dishes, so be sure to give them a try!

Japanese Katsudon

Katsudon is a Japanese comfort food dish, consisting of battered, crispy fried pork, soft onions & eggs over rice. It’s simple, has relatively

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Loaded Smashed Potatoes with bacon & Blue Cheese Sauce

Loaded Smashed Potatoes

To me, this recipe is a perfect example of what Just Gimme Fries is about! Savory, delicious comfort food that is easy to make and doesn’t require

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Home Made Chefs | Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Jam & Bacon Ciabattina Recipe

Scrambled Eggs, Blueberry Jam & Bacon Ciabattina

I originally created this recipe in Dutch for Home Made Chefs. But since most of you guys can't read Dutch, I wanted to post a translated version

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Leek, manchego cheese & chorizo savory tart

Leek, Manchego & Chorizo Tart

It’s almost weekend again, so that means we finally got some time to bake! A while ago, I tried out a recipe for leek, manchego & chorizo tart that

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Crunchy Caramel Date Loaf Cake

If you love sweet things, you should give this date loaf cake a try! It’s a nice change from your traditional vanilla loaf cake with the little

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Hojicha Tea Latte

I actually love to drink both coffee and tea, but unfortunately, my body doesn’t deal well with coffee at all. That’s why I’ve been spicing

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French Silk Pie

The 23rd of January is National Pie Day! Since I’m not really much of an experienced baker myself, I used Handle The Heat Tessa’s recipe for this

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Shredded Brussels Sprouts Pasta

Brussels sprouts are in season, so it’s time to start cooking with them again. Nowadays we eat a lot of pasta at home because it’s quick, tasty

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Korean Bibimbap

Since this was my first timing making bibimbap, I wanted to use an authentic recipe from an actual Korean person. And in my search, I came across

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