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Chocolade Kruidnotenkoek

Wij Nederlanders zitten natuurlijk al weer een tijdje klaar voor Sinterklaas! De kruidnoten en chocoladeletters liggen sinds begin september al

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Sinterklaas Hema Kruidnoten

Review: Hema Pepernoten

Every year in the beginning of December the Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas, who was used as inspiration for the more well-known Santa Claus. And for

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Top 5 food destinations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands seems to be mostly known for Amsterdam, but it would truly be a shame to not visit & see more of our little country. Since I can

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Oatly Haver Kakao

Nationale Week Zonder Vlees & Zuivel

Over een aantal weken is het alweer tijd voor de Nationale Week zonder Vlees & Zuivel! Dit jaar is alweer de 5e editie en deze is gepland van

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Top 10 vegan products in Dutch supermarkets

Top 10 vegan producten in de supermarkt

Since November is world vegan month I wanted to highlight a couple of my favorite vegan products! I may be only more of a flexitarian myself, but I

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Tompouce | Dutch food

8 foods you have to try when visiting the Netherlands

Being a Dutchie myself, I feel like I’m allowed to say that we don’t really have an extensive dinner culture. Snacks however, are something that

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