Foodie Destination: Andalusia, Spain

Foodie Destination: Andalusia, Spain

Foodie Destination: Andalusia Spain

I went to the South of Spain in February this year, and I had an amazing time. The weather was already – even for Andalusia –  unusually great, and as always, the people were friendly, laid-back, and the food was amazing. 

Because I had such a great time, I would love to share the highlights of my trip in this blog. So, if you ever plan to visit Andalusia, be sure to add these destinations and restaurants to your bucketlist. ⁠

The Food Scene in the South of Spain

Because of the warm climate in Andalusia it’s perfect for olive trees. You’ll see lots of olive groves across the region, and olive oil is used royally by the Spanish people, even with breakfast!

But probably the most famous product produced there – and in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula – has to be their Iberican pork. We toured the area by car, and drove by a couple of fields lined with acorn trees that had free range black pigs roaming through them. This lifestyle produces a high-quality deep red meat, marbled with fat, and full of flavor.

Regional dishes I recommend you try:

I always like to try local specialties, and recommendations, and this trip was no different. Like almost everywhere in the world, their food culture is heavily influenced by their climate and environment. Because of the hot weather, abundance of olive oil, and relative close proximity to the coast, you’ll find lots of cold soups, fried dishes, and seafood. The dishes I tried and liked the most in Andalusia are the following:

Porra Antequerana 
A cold soup, and thicker member of the gazpacho family, made with tomatoes, bread, and olive oil, served with boiled egg and ham.

Cartuchitos de Gulas
Battered and fried baby eels, and while that may sound unappetizing, it was honestly one of my favorite dishes of the trip. In terms of flavor it was somewhere between a fishy bacon, and a potato chip, absolutely delicious!

Ajo Blanco
Another cold soup, but made with old bread, crushed almonds, olive oil, and garlic. A flavorful, and refreshing dish!

Berenjenas con Miel de Caña⁠
Lightly battered, deep fried eggplant with cane honey drizzled over it. If you like food that is both sweet and savory at the same time, you absolutely have to try this one.

Multiple Days Destinations in Andalusia


Sevilla was my absolute favorite destination of our trip!
There’s a lot to do and see in the city, and even just walking around
you keep discovering cozy alleyways, lively squares, old buildings, and
beautiful parks. You could easily fill a multiple-day itinerary with
just Sevilla, so it’s safe to say I’ll be back!⁠

Restaurant recommendation: Abaceria del Postigo


The city of Granada is located at the foot of Sierra Nevada mountain range, so it has a beautiful backdrop almost everywhere you look. Just be sure to visit during the weekday to avoid crowds, and book your tickets for attractions such as the Alhambra ahead of time!⁠

Restaurant recommendations: Trinidad Plaza & Panema Gastrobar

Day Trip Destinations in Andalusia

Antequera ⁠

Although small, it has a lot to offer in terms of history & architecture. We had a blast exploring the city, and we really enjoyed the picturesque streets. Just don’t forget to bring good hiking shoes!⁠

Restaurant recommendation: Abrasador Bodegas Triana


Although I only spent a little time in Ronda, this destination is worth visiting just for the incredible views alone. The Puente Nuevo is an imposing bridge across a deep chasm and is an absolute must-see.⁠

Lunch recommendation: Hotel Don Miguel Ronda

Setenil de las Bodegas

If you wanted to, you could visit this place in about half a day, and I really recommend you do so if you’re nearby! This cute town is famous for its shops, restaurants, and other unique structures, built into the surrounding cliffs! ⁠

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