Mushroom, Scrambled Egg & Truffle Mayo Toast

Mushroom, Scrambled Egg & Truffle Mayo Toast

Mushroom, Scrambled Egg & Truffle Mayo Toast Recipe

This recipe is a combination of a couple of my favorite ingredients. Now that it’s gradually becoming fall again, mushroom and truffle recipes are popping up everywhere and I’m honestly living for it. This sourdough toast with scrambled eggs, fried mushrooms, truffle mayo & grated aged cheese is my take on the perfect fall breakfast. Simple, warm & delicious!

Serves: 1   |  Prep Time: 8 mins  |  Cook Time: 7 mins  | Total: 15 mins
Cooking & Kitchen Supplies: medium frying pansmall bowl


  • 1 thick slice of sourdough bread
  • black truffle mayonnaise
  • salted butter
  • 2 medium eggs
  • fresh chives
  • 40g chestnut mushrooms
  • 10g grated aged cheese
  • salt & pepper to taste

A while ago I was experimenting with some leftover ingredients and created scrambled egg toast with mushrooms & grated cheese for breakfast. It was very yummy, but I felt like it could be elevated some more. In comes fall and its truffle season & the idea for a perfect combination was born.

How to prepare Mushroom, Scrambled Egg & Truffle Mayo Toast

  1. For this recipe, I decided to go with an unsliced loaf of sourdough to be able to decide how thick I want my slices to be.
    Slice your loaf of bread, creating nice and thick slices of about 1.5 inches or a little under 4 cm.
  2. Heat your frying pan with some salted butter and let it melt. Once melted, add your slice of bread & fry it until it’s crispy & golden on one side. Place it on an oven rack once it’s done so that the bottom won’t get soggy from the moisture it releases.
  3. In the meantime, cut your mushrooms into thin slices and dice some fresh chives, set half of the chives aside for garnish. Throw them all in a pan with some additional salted butter & ground pepper and fry until done. Put aside in a bowl or on a plate.
  4. Place the toast on your plate and spread a generous amount of black truffle mayonnaise on the toasted side.
  5. Crack your eggs into a small bowl and whisk until smooth. Heat your frying pan on medium fire with some more salted butter. Pour in your egg mixture, turn down your heat to its lowest, and start stirring right away with a spatula. You’re looking for a soft & creamy consistency, so be careful not to overcook it. The consistency should look somewhat like a thick yogurt, still soft & smooth, but able to hold some shape.
  6. Transfer your scrambled eggs from the pan, right on top of the toast & finish with ground pepper and a little bit of salt.
  7. Arrange your fried mushrooms on top of the scrambled eggs.
  8. Sprinkle your grated aged cheese on top, and finish off with some more chopped chives.
  9. Grab some napkins – cause it might get a little messy – and enjoy!

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