Dutch Week Without Meat & Dairy

Oatly Haver Kakao

Dutch Week Without Meat & Dairy

Oatly Haver Kakao

National Week Without Meat & Diary 2022

In just a couple of weeks, this year’s National Week Without Meat & Diary will start off again in the Netherlands! The 5th edition is planned on the 7th till 13th of March. But since it’s primarily targeted towards Dutch-speaking citizens of the Netherlands, I wanted to do my part for the possibly interested expats & international students among us.
It originally started off as the “Nationale Week Zonder Vlees” which translates to National Week Without Meat. Starting this year, they also added “& Dairy” to their slogan to try and promote an increasingly plant-based lifestyle. Whether you want to sign up for the Week Without Meat, or the Week Without Meat & Dairy is entirely up to you though!

My personal plans for the National Week Without Meat & Diary

Just before – and of course throughout – the Nationale Week Zonder Vlees I will be developing and sharing new vegan & vegetarian recipes on the blog and on social media to inspire you guys. As I have mentioned a couple of times before, I’m not a vegetarian myself (anymore), but we do try to lower our overall meat and dairy intake at home.
So this year my boyfriend and I will be joining in on the Week Without Meat, and I plan on going without diary for next year’s edition as well.

Excited to join in on the Dutch Week Without Meat & Diary?

You can sign up right here, on their website – which yes, is still very much in Dutch – but I think Google Translate should get you there just fine! Every year they make an estimate of just how much all of the participants collectively spared the environment which I always find interesting to see.
If you feel like signing up in Dutch is too much of a hassle though, you can of course also join in using the following hashtag!

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