Dutch King's Day

Celebrate King's Day like the Dutch

Every year on the 27th of April the Netherlands celebrates the birthday of its king. Dutchies dress up in orange, visit local flea markets, party in the city centers, drink beer, and eat bitterballen like there’s no tomorrow.

Want to celebrate King’s Day like a Dutchie? Here you’ll find orange-themed recipes, party food, and drinking snacks to complement the drinks (or mocktails) you’ll be drinking all day.

Parmesan & Truffle Mayo Sweet Potato Bites

Parmesan & Truffle Sweet Potato Bites

These deep-fried Sweet Potato Bites with Parmesan & Truffle Mayo are honestly a great snack to serve as a snack, but also do really well as

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Cheesy sweet potatoes au gratin

Sweet Potatoes au Gratin

This cheesy side-dish might very well become the star of the evening. With its creamy sauce, cheesy crust and velvety smooth layers of sweet potatoes

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Pumpkin spice waffles with maple syrup and butter

Pumpkin Waffles

These waffles with pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice are the perfect fall breakfast. They're crispy on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside, my

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Crispy Honey Sesame Chicken

Crispy Honey Sesame Chicken

Want to make delicious chicken like you order at Asian restaurants yourself at home? With this recipe you’ll be able to easily serve up delicious

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Summer Strawberry Frozen Rosé

Strawberry Frosé

Have you ever had a Strawberry Frozen Rosé before? It’s the perfect cocktail to get you through the hot summer days! It only has a couple of

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Tuna Melt Quesadilla with Kimchi

Kimchi Tuna Melt Quesadilla

For this recipe I combined three different cuisines – American, Mexican & Korean – which resulted in a delicious snack. Soft, melty cheese,

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Loaded Cassava Crackers Vegan Drinking Snack

Vegan Loaded Cassava Crackers

Personally, I like crispy, savory, and slightly greasy snacks to accompany my drinks. Because I wanted to try and create something new, I basically

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Garlic & Herb Bread

I just love myself some good garlic bread, especially if it’s homemade! They’re actually very easy to make and way better than the premade

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