Cooking Eggs in the Air Fryer

Cooking Eggs in the Air Fryer

Cooking Eggs in the Air Fryer

I’ve been happily using my air fryer for years now. We bought it to replace our deep fryer for one because it’s healthier, but two, mostly because I hate cleaning deep fryers!
Even though we initially bought the air fryer to – well, fry things – it has many other functionalities as well. And one of them happens to be perfectly cooking eggs that are super easy to peel. Ever since I saw this method somewhere online, this is the way I’ve been cooking my eggs.

Instructions for Cooking Eggs to Your Liking in the Air Fryer

Just like with boiling your eggs in water, you can cook your eggs to your liking in the air fryer. This is how you do it:

  • place the eggs right into the air fryer basket,

  • set your air fryer to 250°F or 120°C,

  • cook your eggs for 10 -12 minutes for a soft-boiled egg, and 14 minutes for the perfect hard-boiled egg,

  • immediately shock them in (running) cold water afterward to make it easier to peel them, and let them sit there for a couple of minutes.

Pros to Cooking Your Eggs in the Air Fryer

As I said before, I personally find that the eggs cooked in the air fryer are much easier to cleanly peel. Furthermore, I like that I don’t have to either carefully drop them into boiling water – and hope the bubbles don’t break them – or drop them in the cold water, but will have to watch when exactly it starts cooking to get the perfect egg yolk. Especially when I have white eggs, I’m always scared that they will break since their shells are much thinner.

I’ve tried more egg cooking hacks over the years, such as cooking them in the microwave in a special-made container, but I found that many of those methods changed the texture of the eggs, and I hated that. Eggs that are cooked in the air fryer luckily taste exactly the same as eggs boiled in water though!

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